Image of tapestry featuring moving water around a rock
Repository of Memory

In the solitude of her sunlit studio, Marni Martin weaves tapestries and other works in fibre directly inspired by the land she calls home. Huntsville, Ontario, situated in Muskoka, an area known for its natural rugged beauty and not far from Algonquin Park, offers endless visual metaphors to explore. It is this place that has shaped Marni’s work, and in her quest to embody its spirit, Marni has cultivated an aesthetic of her own using hand-dyed textured yarns that convey the qualities of the subject matter she is weaving. Within the perpendicular constraints of warp and weft, Marni creates undulating lines and expresses the energy emanating from the subject or place she is weaving.
Marni graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1997 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and since 2000 has worked in her studio full-time creating works for commissions and exhibitions.

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Marni’s creative explorations have expanded to the gardens outside the studio. Introducing Indigo Rain Flower Farm! Visit the website for more information.

Follow Marni’s weaving journey on Instagram @marnimartinfibrestudio